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18th June 2014

Wooo... the flow is abundant with people connections, so many opportunities to be of service to consciousness.

'You are far more than competent to facilitate each individual being brought to you, so relax and play lightly, fae girl.'

"The gateways we are passing through now are very supportive of new connections, new opportunities, so remember to meditate upon, and intend also, your own preferences."

"You are by now noticing that those who are attached to 4D- reality will not let go of even little pieces of their attachement, no matter how much you attempt to show them a transcendent viewpoint, from which they could greatly improve their lives.
Learn to set aside your intent to help when it is merely ignored, and focus on only those who are truly motivated to move from 4D- to 5D+, and select all your friends from the 5D+ realm.
We've told you this before, but today in particular it was blatantly obvious to you, so, wrap-up and complete your old relationships which are not tracking you into 5D+, and release all you have facilitated who are unwilling to move to 5D+ reality, and grieve to release all you must leave behind in 4D-. As a guide and facilitator for those moving up from 4D-, you must remain in at minimum in 5D+ to best assist, so let our 8D-4D portals do the triggering. You have completed your 4D- work, now live in 5D+."

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