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16th June 2014

i begin my day with clear awareness of perceiving worldly experience with transcendent eyes, that the perception of that which i see with my two eyes, i see with the same detachment habitually of my 3rd eye.

'This is merely one of the symptoms of ascending ones conscious awareness to the higher self level. Notice that this also correlates with remaining fully in the here and now, in the timeless eternal moment.'

"In addition to the galactic energy waves of ascension coming from Alcyon, and the corresponding increase in frequency of energy waves from Ra (Ea-Rth's 'sun'), and the corresponding increase in frequency of energy waves from Ea-Rth (Gaia), all of which are triggering the collective consciousness of beings in all densities here, we crystal faeries have been working with the Angelics with whom we cocreated our 8D ascension portals, to activate a higher quantum level of both akashics information about ascension to, and of, New-Gaia, we have also moved to the next level of activation codes for codon switching in the DNA of those who are living within any of our 8D portals, thus, greatly affecting not only all of Kaua'i with her large group portal, but also everyone in our growing network of 8D portals activated in many locations around our planet."

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