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12th June 2014

Good morning. As 100% self responsible reality creator, what is my lesson with creating machine checks with my 64bit laptop?

'This is a hang-over from your old time-line(s). Let us now intend a healing of the silicon in the CPU. The energies to be released were the focussed loathing of the Windows7 software the computer previously ran. Now with Debian7 you can enjoy your rebirthed computer.'

"The full moon energies tonight will be rather chaotic, so you may wish to consider a solo experience as both easier and more productive than the usual group gathering you attend."

"There is still much 'responsibility' you are operating from, towards mental image pictures of expected priorities, based both in childhood programming, and subsequent 'career' programming associated with engineering work, which still controls your relating with your computers. Let us now release all these patterns of yore, and instead embrace spontaneous hearts joy expressed as play. This is essential for anchoring in to your new time-line, and its manifestation during the waning moon cycle. We are repurposing for play, especially playing and recording of music."

12 June Thursday 18:13 HST Full Moon
As i have sat with the full moon energies, i feel very much at peace in the void, neutral, and on the threshhold of infinite possibilities. i am intending graceful manifestation of my playful and joyous ascension.

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