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6th June 2014

Whew! So busy following flow of the moment, hardly any time to blog :-)


"We are glad you are having fun on your mission. The new connections you've been making are of your new time-line's appropriateness."

i met some people who are preparing to participate in an event on Kaua'i, scheduled for June 12-22 (Full Moon through Solstice), and ending incidentally the day before my body's birthday, for sharing about sustainable alternative realities for Kaua'i, as we move to a modern version of being a self contained island, including concepts like: "where's our Tesla free energy technology, instead of the corporatocracy's intentionally making us dependent upon imported oil?"

i greatly enjoyed sharing with Transcendence at her discussion group and book-signing at a local health-food store, followed by being treated to dinner with her and a friend. It is quite a delight to share higher realm energies and consciousness. And yet, being requested to tell stories of past, and hearing the stories of others about past events, is, despite all our words (not just we 3 but most 'conscious' people), about now being the only reality, in action most people are focussed on stories of the past. One of the circle shared her experiences of learning to let go of non-present by bringing energies into the bubble of the now, so soon when i found a break in the conversation, i suggested our discussion circle do similarly with our sharing. Very quickly, one participant left, and after a short disruption time, the group faltered back into past focus. In our dinner group of 3, we were able to focus more in the now, as our energies balanced in sharing more stablely. It seems others who are ascending experience many body symptoms, and I've certainly had my share of those, so it's interesting to notice how we are all experiencing release of past reality, on all levels, including physical. The walk returning to domicil was enjoyable with comfortable summer evening breezes, and the joy in my heart from intending positive energies in Kaua'i's time-line(s). And now my body is demanding sleep, so, I'll stop for today.

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