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3rd June 2014

Good morning, Kaua'i! i did lots of release on the astral plane while sleeping, and am just flowing in the now. It seems strange to awake at 6AM dawn rather than my usual time of 3AM-ish for channelling, and this morning jumped right in to working on improving my computer infrastructure, and only now at 8AM getting around to channelling my family.

'As we told you last night as you entered sleep, relax, you are in grace and will be guided in the moment.'

"It is sufficient to walk through life with the intent to serve others. Let your mind release all the details, and any worry about the future."

i suppose it is not unusual, but for me it was a surprise, to realize that I've crossed the threshhold of buoyancy to where i no longer float enough in plain water to be able to breathe without 'treading' water. That rebirthing i did a couple winters ago to clear my history, including the history stored in my fat cells, was very effective, and permanently released body fat i had held for decades... and no special diet needed now... other than the alignment with my ascension focus on life force energy.

Seeing 'reality' as "real" can only reinforce that 'reality' as it is.
Seeing your fantasies and dreams and imaginings of a preferred 'reality' as "real" is the only way to create that 'reality' as "real". Most important is living in the feeling state of the preferred reality. -- Abraham

"Believing in yourself is the first step. If you've already taken that first step you are showing yourself that you are willing to believe in the possibilities. There may be many emotions that come up, like fear or anxiety. Just ease into the next step and like climbing a ladder you'll get there. You never reach the top of that ladder in one jump. Climb one rung at a time and you'll get there." -- Dave Carlson

How am i sabotaging myself? How do i instead succeed?

"You are afraid to lose what friends you have if you change. You are afraid of the patriarchy. It is not that you prefer your situation for yourself, but in reaction to that which is around you. You can only see as workable another reality, and you are correct, this time-line is hell. Now, have you had enough of your fears keeping you in hell? Are you ready to time-line hop?"

Yes please. i wish to transition quickly to a completely different parallel-reality, and i call upon the assistance of all the entities with whom i cocreated the 8D ascension portals to assist me, please. What i seek is not of any harm to anyone (ahimsa), i only wish to change my own reality, and no one has the right to keep me imprisoned in this old time-line. i shall do what preparation as i may overnight on the astral.

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