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31st May 2014

Early early morning is a time of great peace, one i am choosing to grace with Nature Angels & Crystal Angels. Maybe it's just my perspective, to see so many similarities between 'angels' and 'faeries'. Even with everyone 'asleep' and playing on the astral planes, the great quiet is the silence of all the egoes.

'Notice the feeling of playfulness in your heart center.'

"Notice that your true essential motivation is your intent to share joyful cocreation, play, with others. Notice the persona role of healer, so ready to 'step up' to alleviation of suffering. Notice the conditional survival pattern of being responsible to heal your body's parents, persistent today as caretaking the collective. Release all attachments to the persona and role, the responsibilities and protections. Do not be lazy by using old time-line languaging, when you have an entirely new reality to explain. And then move beyond the teacher role. Much more in present time you are."

In social contact we see the overwhelm many express through disconnection, persistent seeking of surface contact to reassure against aloneness, followed by disconnection to retain ego separateness. This is always the time of satsang... to maintain eye contact and presence.

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