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25th May 2014

i continue to upgrade my computing infrastructure, and while there are individual 'issues' or 'problems' to work through in making everything work or play 'properly', the real issue I'm experiencing in consciousness is the duality dichotomy between right brain intuitive versus left brain linear, and despite all our multiprocessing and multitasking, the computer world is fundamentally a linear turing machine.

'So release your internal goals and expectations about how this should all progress, and only take on as much as is comfortable each day.'

"It is good you are noticing and honoring your new balance and priorities for higher realities. Expect initiations to continue accellerating, in response to your peristent seeking to be on the leading edge."

"The creative flow for worldly manifestation is often that which consumes as, as we manifest our choices :-) Enjoy the flow of fulfillment :-) "

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