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17th May 2014

Recent sharing of realities finds some people quite struggling with contrast. This is something i myself have struggled with, particularly in association with hopping time-lines. As we become very clear of that which contrasts with our appropriateness, we can be likewise clear in what is appropriate to manifest in our new time-line. One can get caught-up in resisting the inappropriate. As we are now facing shadow side contrast, an entire lifetime of contrast may be surfacing to face and release. i observe that in the lack of an absolute sense of self worth, many take solace in a relative sense of self worth, some aspect of expression where they can reasonably claim some superiority over (at least most) other people. It is tempting by cultural norms to buy-into external manifestation as if it was 'real'. This is one of the attachments we need to release, in order to beleive enough in our own internal 'reality' of appropriateness, with enough fervor until it does become manifest around us. One 'shadow processing' technique is to take the contrasting 'reality' to extreme... often facing our worst fears or despondency, with the 'what if...' of "what's the worst that could be?", and upon facing our worst nightmare it loses power over us. The next, and all important, step, is to invert the contrasting reality... to "what's the best that you could imagine?", but even then, we can pollute it with attachment which limits us, for that best imagining of our conscious ego-mind is limited, compared to the wide range of possibilties our own higher self can create. As long as we're blaming our own higher self for having placed us in our worst nightmare reality of contrast to our appropriateness, we are not very likely to trust it to now deliver even better than we ask for, and yet, if we'd merely surrender it all to higher self, with trust and faith, fully releasing the old time-line, it can finally deliver a new time-line of appropriateness.

All of this 'process' of time-line hopping is challenging enough, for it is indeed a 'game' of masters, to make big quantum leaps, until we complicate it with other people... with attachment to someone else, where we don't agree on appropriateness, or as we do our deep self discovery and shadow clearing work, (or maybe they're not willing to work on their shadow), we may discover much contrast between our true selves, that perhaps such relationship was based in inauthentic inappropriate 'selves', 'selves' which were stuck in old games of an old time-line we now know we need to leave behind. Even if we can make the journey with another, and even if there remains a foundational appropriateness for the relationship, our timing and process may not be fully synchronous, resulting in much contrast expressing in or via these relationships.

'I am glad you are enjoying the internal peace of having surrendered to me, your higher self, and an attitude of acceptance of whatever comes, each day.' -- tomril

"We remind you to play more, oh ye of habitual responsibility." -- crystalfaeries

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