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16th May 2014

Wow... the flow of support for recording and editing music is awesome. i know I'll get around to creating also soon.

'Thank you for flowing with the energies rather than any "shoulds".'

"Hathor initiations overnight require higher vibrations... go to sleep now."

Good morning Kauai, and the network of 8D ascension portals. It has become wonderfully clear recently, in my work with the crystal faeries and our 8D portals, that energies introduced at the 8D level quickly spread through our portal network, so that a lesson or focus, (e.g. our recent full moon triggering of the feeling of suppressed (shadow) emotions and issues), is not only blessing all within our Kaua'i sovereign space but also every individual who has their own 8D ascension portal, connected in the network of portals, yet outside Kaua'i sovereign space, is equally being triggered to process that lesson or energy.

As i noted in a reading and healing session of facilitation, an individual was as a consequence of having the assistance of their 8D - 4D portal, accessing and integrating their own higher self consciousness from above, reclaiming their whole higher self and all 'past' lives in present consciousness. As i explained in session, the realms of 8D+ are pure and clean, and most of the interference plagueing most of [mankind], has been in the intervening realms, which the portals shield against, making it easy to have one's full access to one's 8D self, as long as they can access and maintain their own 4D incarnation, now so much easier since the 2012-12-21 gateway.

Oh sweet joy of ascension! i AM so blessed. i just received another telephone call for the next step in this progression. Our being who has for months now been blessed with his own individual 8D ascension portal, reached full consciousness of his i AM presence, and cognized it as such... full arrival at the ascended state of consciousness, knowing himself as i AM in body. What sweet tears of joy for both of us! i was so blessed both to facilitate and to witness this, and we are both greatful for the blessings of my family, the crystal faeries, who have facilitated all of this.

'This is for what am i, tomril, here. So wonderful is it to welcome another i AM presence.'

"Perhaps we are merely stating what to many is obvious, (Yay! :-), yet for some this is an important percept to cognize. To anchor the 'I AM' presence all the way down into one's heart, the seat of the soul, the embodied being fully present, is to be one with the Divine Feminine, for the i AM presence is a state of being, and energetic presence, in complete balance, fully at rest, completely at peace. One cannot 'do' one's way to this state of consciousness. The Feminine / Yin is beingness. To embody the i AM presence is to be fully in the Divine Feminine. (This awareness should explain to anyone, why it is so important for the enslavers of the planet to repress the divine feminine.) From the state of complete energetic balance between the yin and yang, at rest, at peace, eventually there arises from within one's soul, an imbalance which creates energetic flow, which is the emergence of the Divine Masculine, to initiate action, to begin doing, doing the truth of the essence of the soul, not in reaction to, or response to, anything external, but instead as the expression of one's own essence. This is one's authentic life, and the only lifestyle producing lasting happiness."

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