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15th May 2014

Good morning. Happy Thor's day. Thor is Jupiter. Jupiter supports expansion. Having just crossed the full moon point, we now expand from spiritual realms our intent, cast down into the lower realms, to become manifest physically.

'I continue with only the agenda of facilitating ascension, now expanding eye-ball to eye-ball networking on Kaua'i.'

"We are pleased with our full moon manifestation, and the gentleness of introspection many were willing to receive in the time of maximum polarity of the lunar-yin and the solar-yang."

This day saw wonderful mirroring and processing of old shadow(ed) emotional feelings. It ended with a visit to the Grand Budapest Hotel and the outlook that life is a tragicomedy, it had comedic moments but ultimately was a tragedy. But then it was a parallel reality overrun with war. Here in Kaua'i sovereign space, we are creating a reality of higher perspective.

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