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12th May 2014

As manifestation accellerates and flows more powerfully in response to intent, will, focus, attention, and both synchronicity and synergy, i am perceiving a sorting process of individuals, whether or not they are conscious of it, into the two major time-line groups, either the Armageddon downward spiral, or the Gaia upward spiral. This is causing relational changes, as the incompatiblities of the mutually exclusive realities, are triggering people to sort into groupings reflective of their choices, of preferred time-line.

'Even within your appropriate time-line, remember to let yourself play more, especially with your flute, even if the work to create the supporting infrastructure is important and necessary.'

"We remind you to focus on those of transcendent consciousness, to utilize our portals to anchor in their 8D template for ascension, and to have fun playing as you do so."

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