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11th May 2014

The extant culture is celebrating "Mother's Day". It is the 'Sunday-ation' of May Day, i.e. May 1st. Mothering is the generational perpetuation of life, not of the individual, but of species. The root chakra expresses the one and only body agenda: survive and reproduce. Survival is the individual will to life. Reproduction is the species will to life. All other agendae come from spirit. Therefore, today is a physical world and root chakra celebration. In the Hawaiian islands chain, the root chakra energies are held by "Big Island", the island actually named "Hawai'i".
King Kamehameah the 1st managed to militarily conquer (anti-mothering energy) the islands from Hawai'i to O'ahu, which are the 1st through 5th (throat) chakra islands. The Hawaiian Kingdom (his) which treatied with the actual nation "the united States" in a "perpetual treaty of best friends", subsequently militarily "conquered", (a war crime), and through political and economic fraud stole that realm as if it was its own. In U.S. Public Law 103-150 POTUS "Slick Willy" admitted that: "Oopsie, we never had the power to annex the Hawaiian isles", thus it was called the "apology Bill", but did not restore the Kingdom. Note that the island Kaua'i was never a part of King Kamehameha's Hawaiian Kingdom, it had a separate King, and Kamehameha 1st was repeatedly unable to conquer it, because, it is the only remaining land mass above water which is a remnant of the original "Lemurian" seeding of the divine feminine energies and consciousness grid by the then Pleiadians upon Gaia. Kaua'i is the 3rd-Eye island (Ajna Chakra), the land of clairvoyance, which itself is the "Christed" state of consciousness. Our "Garden Isle" is the mother of KRST consciousness of love in these realms, therefore i celebrate today our mother Gaia, particularly her unique expression on Kaua'i.

'As the primary expression of the crystal faeries, caretakers of the Garden Isle, in support of the divine template of life, i call for appreciation for the KRST consciousness of our hostess island, Kaua'i.'

"We continue to bless from 8D down through 4D the sovereign space of Kaua'i."

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