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9th May 2014

i was contemplating the dichotomy of dependence vs. dependents, and that it's a single issue within polarity. As one of the many structures of relating, it is contrary to the fluidity of flow in the moment, therefore, outside the higher self reality, and not of New-Gaia.

"Notice that any resistance to that dichotomy merely attracts more of it."

My strongest resistance is to the patriarchal enslavement of women by first disempowering them in the world to force their dependence upon men so that then men may control them. The ultimate outcome of this is global war. Peace can only come from women standing in full power, and both men and women no longer submitting to external "authority". The only true authority is authentic heart consciousness of the moment.

"It remains your appropriate path to walk in sovereignty, neither being dependent, nor allowing any dependencies upon you. "

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