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3rd May 2014

i have been experiencing intense awareness of that which is in sharp contrast to my appropriateness. As always, it comes down to invalidation of ones free will choice to live ones appropriateness. The form of invalidation which has been present in consciousness is when an individual or collective chooses to believe that their self-created reality, (to which they have every right for themselves), including all the limitations they have bought into, whether owned as choice, or denied, (the lie they have no choice), is applied to others, specifically, to me. i am experiencing that even attempting to communicate that what they are doing is abusive to me, is turned around upon me as if i was attacking them, for not buying into their beliefs. Those whose religion is 'human design' insist that everyone fits into one of the boxes they are defining, as an excuse to relate with boxes, rather than relating with another individual in the here and now. i have never seen any system of pigeonholing people be accurate. Most importantly, it is extremely abusive in the time of ascension out of the realms of time-space into timelessness of nonduality, to be holding back those around you by insisting that they must and can only be 'functional' by 'obeying their design', a life-long disempowerment based upon their 'birth time', or excusing ones own abusive behaviours and / or refusal to grow / mature based on 'it is my design'. In every now there is infinite choice, and disowning that one is at choice is the greatest and widest of lies. It is nothing less than false imprisonment to box someone into a cell defined by their birth time, and asserting that they are powerless to escape that cell, that they must keep their original time lock for the duration of their incarnation.

'Rise above the level of the problem, to where it does not exist. Be neutral.'

"We did not say it would be at all easy for you to remain in service in realities where you are needed, when you continue to leap ahead into higher realities as an individual, and as you are now operating in our 8D collective consciousness. Take nothing individually."

"Notice that you have no sense of fun anymore when you are in resistance to anything. While many would say that it is normal to resist abuse, we know that resistance will not cure anything. Carefully separate in consciousness the abuser and their abuse, remain unconditionally accepting of the abuser and their consciously chosen abuse games, while still energetically separating from the consequences of their abuse, and clearly cognizing the difference between their nice words and their abusive actions."

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