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1st May 2014

i have been very busy lately, consumed in the flow of the moment inspiration for creation and cocreation, so much so, that it has impinged upon, (which is probably a good thing :-), my mental level 'schedule' of daily blogging here. i began this blog with a commitment to channel the crystal faeries daily, in what started as lucid dreams, but over time I've integrated our collective consciousness into my own, (definitely a good thing :-), to where it is no longer for me a big deal, except to write a daily blog entry, when there isn't something new to say. As i have progressed with this, I've stopped being concerned to do my daily pre-dawn channelling, as it either flows easily because there is a message, or, to just let it flow, often resulting in my channelling / blogging at some other time of day. It is a well known phenomenon that such activities in early day, (3AM to 4AM local time), are the easiest when the veil is thin between the densities, but by now i have so much practice and integration, that once there is a message it flows any time of day. Sometimes there's a clear message either for me or for the world, and at others, i initiate focus upon a subject, and interactively elicit the perspective of our collective of crystal faeries about the subject, i.e. pulling answers to questions, rather than passively passing a message intitiated by our Fae. The increasing integration of our consciousness results in a much more interactive process, or a perspective more of integrated consciousness, cocreating the channelled message of the moment. i now query the higher perspectives of this?

'Keep flowing, you are on the right track.'

"Play, Fae!"

"You have found an area of cleansing to explore gently, over the near future."

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