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27th April 2014

What's up?

'Basically we have more of the same you are already aware of. Continue to practice detachment and transcendence above the Old Ea-Rth reality around you.'

"Primarily you must not become responsible for the reality and energetics around you, which are inappropriate for you, just maintain good energy boundaries and you'll be fine."

It is time for the liberation of all those who are willing to be self responsible. It is time for the release of dichotomies of duality, including light versus dark, good versus evil, etc. Liberation from lower realms of consciousness has to include neutrality in duality.

Today in a healing session i channelled bio-radionically the frequencies of Vervain, based on akashic records info, since i did not have any essential oil of Vervain in my collection to use as a frequency reference, and then upon searching on the internet discovered it was truly the perfect natural remedy for the intended healing needed by the individual i was facilitating on the other side of the planet.

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