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24th April 2014

Good morning Kaua'i. I'm ready to channel today's message, now that i already played for 4 hours adding historical information into 'older' postings.

'We are glad you are enjoying nurturing our blog.'

celeste reaches for essential oils in support of this morning's channelling... scanning her oils for those which make her hand tingle in the now... and discovers that it's time for Thyme :-) and Release, and Joy.

"We draw your attention to the vast pool of unprocessed emotions which are vibrationally stored in the planetary oceans. Focus upon the portion of that which is inside of Kaua'i Sovereign Space, our kuleana (responsibility). Because these are denied and disowned, they are not getting processed by the entities for whom they were lessons. We could send them all back to their creators, but consider that most such returning emotional energies would not be beneficially processed by those entities, therefore the majority of it is best neutralized back to undifferentiated cosmic gold+silver, and then returned to their life-streams. Accordingly we suggest transmuting it all with that intent, and replacing it with pure neutral source cosmic cosmic gold+silver energies."

Done, and done.

"Now let us focus upon the active present time emotional realm of Kaua'i. This is of 4D, the zone of conflict between the 4D descending reality, and the 5D ascending reality. As we have noted previously and relatively recently, with the merge up of 3D- into 4D, not only have many entities been triggered to exit their bodies, but those remaining are struggling to accomodate the higher consciousness they had perhaps either resisted or ignored until the merge. These entities in particular, are frequently in emotional overwhelm. The collective reality in Kaua'i Sovereign Space, may now be alleviated of any and all shared beliefs about emotions, (leaving their individual copies thereof untouched). We are now adding to the ascension templates of the 8D portals, a functional comprehension of emotions and their postive utilization, as defined by the divine plan and our larger family of angelics who created the original 8D ascension portal templates, based upon akashic records consensus. We note you have already confirmed the shift this makes for Kaua'i."

Yes, that should pretty well take the wind out of the sails for continuing any blaming of one's own emotions on others :-)

It didn't take long before somebody who has their own 8D portal, linked in with our 8D portal network, responded to the shift in energetics by clearing emotions which had been stuck for decades. Yay! i love how this stuff works!

After sunset i attended a local showing of The Living Sea, which is self described as a survey of the world's oceans, emphasizing the fact that it's a single interconnected ocean, and the dependence of all life on the ocean. This event at the local Kapa'a Public Library was sponsored by those who are attempting to change the KAUAI COUNTY, INCORPORATED charter to invert the relationship with GMO from the current position that citizens must prove GMO is harmful in order to stop the pollution of Kaua'i's ecosystem, to the position that GMO operations must prove they are safe and in compliance with new limitations and monitoring. While this is admirable and probably the best which can be done by those of 3D- or 4D consciousness while still keeping their Mark of the Beast, it is just part of the ongoing war which is the only possible outcome of bearing the Mark of the Beast. As peaceful nurturers of organic life, we crystal faeries have taken the position of operating above the conflicts within duality, by working with the transcendent energies to heal the extant GMO as damaged, back to healthy DNA of organic species.

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