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23rd April 2014

Good morning. i was just thinking that if "months" served enlightenment of the people, they'd be based upon the actual moon phase, rather than upon the competing egoes of dead Roman Emperors. While April 23 would seem to be a trine with my birthday of June 23, our Gregorian calendar is useful only for taxation schedules. Nevertheless, i shall utilize these thoughts to trigger consciousness of what is in trine with my nature, what is my nature, and how have i outgrown my natal chart? It remains a goal to be liberated from the endless recycling of energy patterns with which our solar system triggers us. Is this a waste of energy or a worthy purusit? i suspect it all goes away automagickally as we ascend above the realm of space and time into 5D.

'You already know that you transcend this issue as soon as you enter the flow / channelling of the moment, which is outside linear space-time. Simply return to the flow of now from such mental illusions of time.'

"The focus upon joy and play quickly brings you back to the flow, so keep it light, so you can fly as the angelic faery you are :-) "

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