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19th April 2014

Between inner growth triggered by the astrological patterns, and much activity creating and or mending domicil, the days fly by in a continuous flow of in the moment inspiration, ever unpredictable and uncontrollable, but ever so appropriately authentic.

'Thank you for channelling our collective consciousness.'

"Let there be grace in the flow of the devine / divine through your authentic unique expression of life."

There is only one plot in my new time-line: I'm continuously following the inspiration of the moment of the collective consciousness of the crystal faeries, as expressed via the crystal faery tomril, my higher self, so it's not just what i write daily in the blog, it's a way of consciousness and of living consciously. i of course have my moments of blockage but it's getting a lot easier via having surrendered.

"There is so much light flowing through our portals, we feel quite blessed."

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