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14th April 2014

i have observed that as we approach the grand square full blood moon eclipse, emphasizing the dichotomies of opposition and blockage of squares, that all the conflicting energies and wills are producing greater chaos, which is both a challenge to cope with the manifestations of, and an opportunity to apply some will in creator mode to nudge reality in a better direction. Of course, with all external being merely the mirror in which to observe our own innards, it is our own energy field, beleifs, choices, and consequent emotions we contribute as reality. As one scheduled to guide a group meditation for this event, i must practice and master internally that which i intend to guide for others. Our strongest teaching is by our example, therefore, i am to be an exemplar of ascension, given that is my spiritual mission on Kaua'i.

'Continue to deprogram and release all motivations based in "responsibility", as others have used that word to create obligations and duties for you. Your response-ability is to authentically speak your truth in the moment.' -- tomril

i require direct guidance and / or intervention on transportation and web publishing. i do not yet have transportation to where you tell me to go work, nor do i have any present ability within guidance to publish our blog as directed.

'There is no clear solution at this time for either of these. Avoid linking in your thinking to form any cause-effect relationship in these.' -- tomril

"You have enough to contemplate organizing the full moon meditation, so relax into that, and let yourself play with it." -- crystalfaeries

Our blessings were effulgent, though the wind challenged us to speak up to be heard by each other, our pretty moon played peek-a-boo through the clouds, which held their moisture while we gathered on the riverbank. With a few dij's, my flute, and a couple lap harps, we sang and toned and intended a positive reality, as we cocreated moon magick playfully.

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