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8th April 2014

Ahhh... kitty 'Misty' settles in for a catnap, and i settle in with a mug of tea for morning channelling :-)

"In the sense of 'no news is good news', we haven't been saying a whole lot lately, which is just things continuing as last reported. Our 8D ascension portal network is stable, and has been quite at peace, i.e. its arrival triggered some reaction, but its' presence has been accepted."

"Ongoing communion with our friends who are holding in place their 8D ascension portals outside Kaua'i, evidences their facilitation of wonderful growth and healing leading to greater alignment of lower to higher selves. Because the effects of such a portal in an otherwise 4D area are subtle and mostly internal to each individual, we now encounter minimal resistance introducing new portals for individuals or small areas. What it all 'adds up to' is that one at a time, individuals are moving from the 4D they accessed to receive a portal, via the alignment to their 8D template, to anchor into 5D."

'Certainly these alignments tend to trigger a multidimensional cellular release.'

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