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5th April 2014

i am smiling for being authentic and fulfilling my purpose. i am enjoying having been awoken by a phone call to do energetic healing and counseling. We are all one. As one allows 'me' to facilitate their healing, the part of 'me' which is 'them' is healed, and i am happier.

'And now we are sharing our favorite togetherness, channelling crystal faeries wisdom to facilitate ascension.'

"Play, celebration, fun, light flow in the moment, and the usual sense of infinite possibilities are the fae way."

I'm enjoying listening to Suzanne Teng playing flute as i channel, and just have to pick up my flute and play along... laters... playing calls!

i'm learning to play solid silver flute, by jamming along with existing songs, and learning to copy what the masters do, and i consider Suzanne Teng to be truly a flute master. Suzanne's "Light of the Heart" has sustained me through much rebirth process. For me, that particular song speaks of my soul, so when i listen to it, her flute feels like the voice of my soul, and i become inspired to be able to express my soul via my own flute. When i obtained my flute and begain to play it i made a contract with myself to never 'perform for others', but to only express my soul; my music must spontaneously flow outward in joyous authentic expression, rather than allowing others to 'pull it out of me' for their purposes. i continue to (re-)build my AV Linux™ playstation to support audio (and video) recording and editing. There will be time in the future to share my music with others, but the most important thing is filling my life with soul-nurturing and soul-expressing music of living spirit.

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