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4th April 2014

Recent synchronistic triggers have shown that commitment is essential to manifesting. Physical action is just one sign of commitment.
The largest issue with commitment in a lifetime is...?
commiting to the incranation.

'You have been through a rebirth, a process of de-committing to an old incarnation (reality), and going through the void of no intent, to arrive at a new commitment to a new reality as your incarnation, yes?'

Yes, i completed my 'testing' phase of determining what is true for me, comprehended the implications thereof, made new choices based in new appropriateness, and new commitment to the new time-line. As a sign of my new commitment i have completed the conversion of my website to blog format, rather than merely adding a blog to my old website. The sign of commitment which matters the most, is the happiness in my heart, which comes from my new level of certainty, that having deeply and thoroughly explored this transition of realities i have clarity of the appropriateness of my new reality, and therefore, i am able to commit fully to it. That midpoint of 'undefined in the void' is the place where one examines... 'Is this the end of incarnation for me? or merely the end of my old way of being incarnate?' We cannot truly make a free-will choice unless we are prepared to be 'OK' with either of the paths we are contemplating. Therefore, that 'undefined in the void' place is one of no commitment, infinite possibility, free will, and a time of deep introspection.

"The full alignment of intent and will produces better energy flow in support of ones essence and intent. You are already observing the new manifestations happening daily, as everything aligns to support your fulfillment of your committed purpose."

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