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1st April 2014

What of our new moon lunation, and our new time-line(s)?

'You know that at the level of density and freedom we operate, our flexibility comes from not knowing the future, from focussing upon our preferred time-line reality, not upon any process to attain it. Your traditional future-seeing was based mostly in the 5th density and causal plane, and you have to let go of focus on the details, and just trust the universe to mirror your internal state. The questioning of the future just evidences a lack of trust. You will have this lesson integrated by the full moon eclipse time.'

Any perspective on the planetary scale eclipse energies?

"The ascension process will be much more a gradual and progressive shift of each individual, than the 'are we there yet?' quantum-leap you'd like to make individually. Remember that you cannot leap far beyond the ascension collective without having to come back to fulfill the mentor role which must occur 'where' each individual is 'at'. Make quantum leaps of consciousness and hops of time-lines internally, with no concern for the process of those changes manifesting for you. Trust and patience, faith and perseverence are the keys to manifesting."

i see where i am doing 'means to an end' strategizing in attempting to control the future into safety. i release the need to pre-know, know, or control.

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