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27th March 2014

i was noticing the challenges of communicating multidimensional concepts and realities to individuals whose beliefs are anchored in limited realities. It occurs to me that possibly archetypal symbology has often conveyed transcendendent concepts. Archetypes and symbols are very much prevalent in the emotional / astral realms, and are a part of one's processing energies in and of those realms, however, once you master attaining and sustaining detachment and neutrality, there then is hardly any need to "process" such energies, for one has realized that it doesn't really matter which such energy you've been triggered to become aware of, the appropriate response is simply to transcend it.

There are a number of "systems" of archetypal symbology, including but not limited to:

which have been of some utility for some people at certain stages of spiritual growth, however, all such systems must be left behind to move one's consciousness into the ascended realms / reality which are not subject to the limitations of the physical and astral realms, and the lower mental realms.

'This is mostly just the veiling of lower densities, wherein the lower self is experiencing limited consciousness, endemic to the collective reality in which it is participating.'

"Yes, expanding consciousness produces expanding realities, which is even mirrored down to the physical realms."

And what is the response to my persistent will of lifestyle?

"The important thing is to get 'out there' and help people, regardless your self expression."

"Play, fae girl."

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