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22nd March 2014

May i overcome any obstacles today?

'Yes. How about the issue of projection of the false self?'

"Dream on it for now..."

i observed that projections may be 'upon others', or they may be 'upon a mental image picture'. While i rarely project onto others, i often work with my internal self-image. What i can relate with is 'the projection of my self-image as self'. So is self-image correlated with false-self? Or did i miss your reference?

"The false self exists to manipulate others. There is a unique self associated with the body, the authentic individuated ego, and it is entirely appropriate. The false self is role play for others to give them what they want, or to get them to give what you want them to give to you. Discern what of your self image projected as self is authentic."

It seems most of worldly life is role-play for needs fulfillment.

"Just check that your image itself is authenic not manipulative, in addition to your having already found clarity in action and relating."

Yes, my ideals and goals are all based upon my being alone, so that they cannot be about relating or manipulating in relating.

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