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20th March 2014

Two months into my new time-line and i finally put up amp and speakers for some decent stereo sound, which should provide the necessary motivation to get me practicing my flute again. i love music.
Still no internet available via ADSL in this area. is about to expire. A Garden Isle.
Ummkay... what's next?

'You might develop a sense of humour?'

"Lighten up, fae! You're taking life seriously like a [mankind]. Silly Fae. Giggles :-) "

Everything is already perfect?

"You have already been sensing the new appropriate energy flows, people connections, and grace of your new time-line, yes?"

More guidance, please...

"Let yourself play, Fae. Play your flute. Play for giggles."

i finally ventured to play along with my digereedoo playing friends, and we stirred up some positive energies. Yay!

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