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10th March 2014

"Aloha. Allow all past to be complete. Forgive where will was used negatively. Release where loss has occurred. Then bring all projects out of limbo, and either rejuvenate or release them. Anything which then appears to be a part of your new life, must be present without fear, for a loving or joyful purpose."

'Aloha. The polar companion to fear is hope, so also release that which you are keeping for hope of the future. There is much grief to release over the life you in the past hoped for as your future, and fear to release over the life you in the past feared as planetary or your future, and release and forgive all your anger at dark-side interference to our mission.'

I'm going to clear this astrally while sleeping again... I'll be back in a while.

i just pulled and applied some Young Living™ 'Magnify Your Purpose' essential oil blend, so I'm guesstimating we need to look at my purpose and how to accomplish it. Are there any other incomplete karmic lessons before i release the past totally? And this question stirs a meta-question. Is it better to stop focussing on non-here-now, or to actually dig through it for lessons to update beliefs, and to complete emotional release? My existing experience-derived beleif is that any given resurfacing of the past may be simply replaced with a choice to refocus on the here and now, until such time as there is noticed a pattern of past issues, which would indicate an unresloved problem worth digging into until healed and released.

"We agree with the heal-the-patterns approach.
All lessons related to recent experience are already consciously known, therefore it is merely a matter of more consistent practice in the moment. There is no specific energy pattern to clear on this, so you just need to remain conscious in each moment to stay in positive focus.
Our purpose has been well expressed here over time, therefore the necessary focus is upon time-line hopping, and dealing with the here and now of the time-line you're currently in. We are continuously working on time-lines which support our mission, and therefore support you in accomplishing it. Trust we will let you know when your conscious participation is requred for time-line hopping. The here and now of the present time-line is challenging, yes? Yet find the aspects of it which are successfull and for which you are appreciative. Release your fear of the unknown, and more importantly any beliefs that 'unknown' equals 'unsolved' equals 'failure'. This is the biggest challenge for you at this time, especially while still in pain over the recent transition. Priority is releasing rage and anger and frustration energies, and forgiveness of the sabotage of our intended time-line."

"You already know that feelings must be felt to be released, not avoided, denied, or blamed on others. Continue to feel and release and forgive. Yes it is true you wavered in holding our new time-line creation, yet not sufficiently to cause the loss of the time-line. That took active negative intervention."

"An 8D portal only brings the 8D templates down to 4D level itself.
You may comprehend that your relative isolation now is to break all interference."

'Stop defining your 'here and now' as producing suffering.'

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