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9th March 2014

Good morning.

'Yes, make some tea, it helps raise your vibrations for channelling.' -- tomril

"We were working on your resistance to reality as it is, and completing yesterday's message, so, having 'slept on it', are you feeling complete with yesterdays 'issues'?" -- crystalfaeries

Yes. i also am reminded via this process, of a principle i learned from Rev. Laurie Schryver, that when we insist upon comprehension before accepting, we create extra energetic turbulence (struggle) which often leads to the feeling of suffering. -- celeste

"So, having crossed your threshhold of demanded comprehension before you'd accept, and now having accepted, it is a good time to return to this issue of trusting in something or someone, if not the nature of the universe itself, before you fully know or comprehend it."

As a scientist I'm usually working with my present 'model of reality', and testing my comprehension of the model against the reality it models. Most of my 'comprehension' and 'acceptance' issues are therefore scientific experiments to clarify the accuracy of the model. Only very recently with planetary energy shifts and our bringing in 8D ascension portals, has there been relative peace and quiet. It is only being reasonably competent to continue 'checking' the 'truth' of the 'truths' derived from experience and modelling. This also fits well with yesterdays guidance to reexamine beliefs, which seems to be this mornings' exercise.

Given that much of [mankind] is still experiencing vampirism both horizontally by fellow incarnates, and vertically from higher level parasites and predators, i had reached the question: 'Are "higher selves" just parasites and / or manipulators?'
Given my deep understanding of the necessity of an individual operating fully in free will choice in order to even be able to follow their own guidance, the conflict of will over my ego level desire to exit this reality, versus my higher self tomril commitment to a mission in this reality, yes, i have been doubtful and uncertain. The fact that I'm now directly conscious of a family of entities around tomril, had not alleviated my concerns, and i had considered the possiblity that the whole thing was a set-up to get me to submit my will to tomril.

'Again, thank you for your vigilance at clearing illusions and deceptions.'

"This is, of course, why you were so suspicious when Hatonn showed up to chat, having not yet ever concluded he could be trusted. Having separated into independence from the ascended masters and the brotherhoods of light, and having focussed upon becoming and being an ascended master, rather than remaining dependent upon the ascended masters, the light hierarchy had left us alone for quite a while, whereas, the usual intrusions from the dark side persisted."

For the benefit of readers less familiar with my history, it was a fairly long process for me to sort through all the different kinds and groups of 'extra-ter-Ra-estrial' entities, their agendae, their honesty, their ahimsa or not. This is an excellent time to re-speak my percept that there are no group lables which are accurate. Each entity is a unique individual, with a unique reality. Even where old group labels were at some time accurate, everything changes. This is also a relevant time to mention that name changes can greatly facilitate a time-line hop.

"Yes, this has long been a theme with you... tracing back to your days reading 'the book', and having concluded that the primary message of KRST was that we may choose to become like him, and that is far preferable to being dependent upon him. ('If you give a man a fish, you've fed him for a day. If you teach a man how to catch fish, you've fed him for life.') This has guided your entire career as a healer, always doing your best to empower others by teaching them, and to discourage any dependence or worship."

The primary percept I've been looking at to determine if I'm holding a beleif or a belief, is that of free-will in the context of the relationship between higher and lower selves. This has mostly involved resolving disagreements of choice, and as a consequence, the blessing of arriving at greater integration between higher and lower selves, which, itself, is one of the main features of 'ascension'. Looking at this from the alternate end, a challenge within the ascension process of integrating higher and lower selves, is resolving which 'self' needed to yield its attachment to its will where that conflicted with the other self's will. In the long term all attachments at all levels are to be released. Ahhh... i was just triggered to clear any 'reparation fantasies'.

'While you have been averse to preservation of present form in ascended reality of formlessness, you do recall that much less of the ego survives a death than an ascension.'

i do feel pretty complete with both comprehending and finally understanding the motivations and reasoning and creation energies we are engaging in ascension, and the prioritizations we have now.

"Yay, now you're ready for your next codon activation!"

Other than patiently detoxing, what do i need to learn from the swelling of my lower legs?

"That would be your denied rage (so un-spiritual :-) "

Of course, at whoever sabotaged the time-line we were creating to initiate the crystal faeries Consulate and our playshops and herb garden :-( OK, codon activation before or after i clear those emotions? To clear I'll be most efficient in feeling space rather than the emotionally neutral mental space required to do this channelling to text.

"Take a 2 hour break to release all the triggered emotions and resistance, and then we can work together in blog space doing your next codon activation."

Thanks, it's been an intense few days processing, and it's nice to feel it resolving forward to harmony.

So, how did i do with my processing? I'm feeling pretty calm and centered.

"Your release process continues appropriately over a couple days.
We're going to trigger some release of trauma from ages 13 and 17 to clear.
You can guess this is about self image, and societal place, and adult roles. Since this covers the majority of your active musicianship, we suggest rewriting your history to suit your new musical goals with your flute.
It is time to complete with physicalizing trauma in order to process it, and get on with the present time-line until we cocreate a better alternative.
We also suggest daily flute practice following daily crystalfaeries channelling, this time with less resistance to structured learning.
We're guesstimating next codon activation overnight tonight or the following night."

It is additionally noteable that each of my lower legs now has a "divit" indicating some kind of puncture wound, which i have absolutely no explanation for in the physical realm of life experience, i.e. this is some evidence of some involuntary unconscious assault upon my body. While this kind of experience may be associated with "abduction", i am tending more to associate it with a time-line hop.

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