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8th March 2014

Where am I?
Where should i be?

'You are here now with no clear vision that you should be any different, yes?'


'Wondering what is your lesson du jour?'


'Find a way to be comfortable and at peace with that which is here now.'

"This is a common 'spiritual' issue... non-acceptance of reality. Dive deeper to see that which it is you are resisting. Is it internal or external?"

As long as my focus of attention remains inward upon my essence, then i am at peace. i know that i must internally achieve the vibrational state of my desired reality in order for it to become the external reality which reflects my internal state.

'It is first and foremost motivated by my love for my family that i accepted this role and our contract to facilitate ascension. i remind you there are those of our family from the tomril universe who choose to be there now, and those of our crystal faeries family of tomril universe entities in the Milky Way Galaxy, who are even today incarnate upon Ter-Ra, working on their own ascension and spiritual lessons, without having volunteered into this contract, and that each of us in this service entered it voluntarily. This embodiment as celeste:crystalfaery was chosen for the mission, despite the challenges and suffering it experiences, it is nevertheless still the most appropriate vehicle for our mission. And completing previous questions, in the higher realms the motivation is love, rather than the desire motivating the lower realms.'

i am yet unresolved on a conflict of 'spiritual teachings'. A couple of times in channelling the above i also received: "It is time to review all your 'spiritual' beliefs.".

My present collection of spiritual beleifs start with ahimsa, and the next layer of beleifs are about how to accomplish ahimsa: honesty, integrity, authenticity, congruity, openness, transparency, respect of free will. IFF (big doubts about this) it is true that there really is a dependence upon this specific incarnation to ascend for my crystal faeries family then describe to me the exact dependence.

"As you pointed out in your own writing, 'There is only so much living [...] one can do completely alone, before the natural spiritual urge to be connected and share with others [arises].' Here in higher realms we are all in agreement and quite happy in our family, even with only part of us participating in the Ascension Mission. So, imagine yourself with all your individual 'problems' solved, and the only thing which changed is you. Now, as the joyful you in your appropriate embodiment contemplates her world and her relationships, while you're completely OK with yourself and presence, how are you relating with the unchanged world? Is it any less in need of ascension?"

Ascension still looks like the best plan to improve 'reality'. Relationships are only fulfilling with the few of consciousness. The only thing to change is which reality i am 'in', so, I'm going to have to interpret 'all your individual problems solved' as implying that i am finally free to hop to a time-line of fun faery play. That brings us back to my previously asked but yet unanswered questions, and directs us to 'what precisely is the crystal faery dependence upon celeste:crystalfaery ascending?'.

"That which you have been calling 'dependence' of us upon you is not literally a dependence, for nothing will 'go wrong' or 'be wrong' for any of our crystal faeries family should tomril exit the celeste:crystalfaery incarnation. You are aware of the intent to utilize minimum energy to produce maximum change, i.e. minimizing effort or struggle, and that brings us back to our collective agreement that your incarnation is the most capable vehicle which has access to the significant time-lines which are those involving crystal faeries on Ter-Ra. The crystal faeries exploring other realms are relatively unaffected, as are the tomril universe entities there, so this is really about Ter-Ra-an crystal faeries family, and what we collectively agree we wish to share on Ter-Ra. Those of us aligned with the Ascension Mission of Ter-Ra wish to alleviate overall suffering and improve overall joy, and since we have adopted Ter-Ra as our preferred reality, and have not found a better path to a higher reality for us to share, we remain committed to the Ascension Mission, and yes, consider a little bit of individual limitation, even suffering, in the short term, to be worthy of enduring given that doing so grants us access to the time-nodes most beneficial to ascending reality. You should recognize that the distance and difference between the realities of your own higher and lower selves, is actually far greater than that within our family. For this reason, we consider it beneficial to limit the number of emobdiements through which we are operating, as the greatest challenge is overcoming the differences of reality across 'the veil' until we're playing in an ascended reality only."

"You yourself have spoken of the incompatibility of dark entites with an ascended reality, so it should come as no surprise that those of us light entities who share the intent to cocreate and populate New-Gaia are here now working to 'harvest' the appropriate entities from Ter-Ra and facilitate their ascension to New-Gaia. As you comprehend already the waves of souls of shared consciousness and reality preference passing through soul schools like Ter-Ra, that you comprehend the appropriateness of inviting light entities to New-Gaia via ascension. You also already know that no entity can make a free will choice until fully informed and uninfluenced, and that is the biggest challenge, and the issue most of your healing career has been focussed upon... pulling the willing out of the illusion enough to actually be able to make such a free will choice. You recall that we passed through a gateway energetically 2012-12-21 (and others) and left behind that mission, and directed you to release any focus upon either awaking people out of the illusion, or unplugging people from the illusion, and directed you to focus upon assisting ascension activation for those entities already able to sustain a 4D+ vibration. Yes, this is a spiritual equivalent to medical 'triage', or put most simply, a matter of efficient use of energy, to achieve maximum ascension for minimum effort and suffering. Does any of this ring untrue to you?"

This is of truth.

"Then you know that we have collectively made this choice for our family, and that we all consider it optimal amongst available options. While none of us wishes you any suffering, it does remain true today that amongst accessible time-lines and time-nodes we can utilize to create both New-Gaia and its appropriateness to include us, your incarnation remains the most empowered to accomplish our mission. While you may in many ways be quite unhappy with the genetics and form of embodiment for your happiness within your present incarnation, you vastly underestimate the importance of your genetics to ascension, so cut yourself and your body's family some slack about past and present. Yes, the combination of natal-chart and genetics to serve the ascension mission is considered by tomril and our crystal faeries collective to be a priority."

"You know that beleifs generate positive emotions, and that beliefs generate negative emotions, so, what lie are you presently holding as if true which therefore generates your negative emotions? Stop defining your 'here and now' as producing suffering."

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