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6th March 2014

It feels that all the processing i have been doing has shifted my reality.


"Congratulations on good processing."

Ahhh, after some preliminaries, I'm settling into Bruce Mitchell's "Earth Heal-Reverie in C" as i begin another day visiting with my family of crystal faeries. Aloha sweethearts, what's up in the aethers today?

"Our experience is of great gentleness, and energies being relatively peaceful. Part of this derives from an interlude of relative calm between chaotic nodes of convergent time-lines. We can all see if we choose to, that much of the conflict-of-will that entities engage in is carried-out inside the cover of chaotic nodes, i.e. that one can expend less energy shifting realities during a chaotic node than when all is more stable. Thus this time is excellent for inner work while there is greater peace with other entities. This is also an excellent time for higher vibrations, ascension work on the individual level, and with the inner focus, reviewing appropriateness of existing reality time-lines and of desired alternate realities. We recommend playfulness and light-hearted creativity, and celebration of life."

celeste spritzes with 'Fae Play' and makes another mug of tea. OK... back to rebirthing process. At the rate we're passing through chaotic nodes, and shifting energies of our planet, rebirthing can become a frequent process until we master not identifying at all, i.e. where "I Am" is a complete sentence, without attached qualifications of limitation. For myself, the essential core continues to prioritize the crystal faeries mission of facilitating planetary ascension.

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