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6th March 2014

Most goals of the lower self are based in desire, in what are based those of spirit? Have the goals changed? the path to implement them? Or was our path sabotaged and now we are making a new path?

"Wherein 'path' may be used as a term describing a series of time-line hops between parallel realities, yes, as you surmised, our planned path was sabotaged by intervention from the dark realms blocking all of your support infrastructure for the time-line we had placed for the crystal faeries Consulate. It was not that you 'did something wrong' in time-line hopping, it is that probabilities greatly shifted upon intervention."

What do you need from me until we create our new time-line?

"Detach, release, remain flexible."

"We may question the wisdom of our dark-and-light universe, or recognize its intelligence for teaching souls certain lessons. The individual choice to 'have options', including options 'not yet seen', is more empowering, and more compatible with being in a dark-and-light universe. It is all just lessons on the journey to ascended mastery. Perhaps this 'issue' is a call to comprehension, compassion, and forgiveness."

It is fundamental to holo-deck design that the holo-deck cannot support the manifestation of all possible choices, unless it can support the manifestation of choices many of us do not prefer. This is also part of respecting free-will choice. Our free-will choice zone in our sandboxed holo-deck is a great school for souls, and the presence of both dark and light expedites lessons greatly. Once we master the lessons of this soul school, then moving to an ascended loving reality seems natural for many of us, who are ultimately incomptible with those of the choice to force their choices on others. This is an excellent opportunity to review the concept of energy boundaries.

'Let us return to the foundational percept that beleif creates reality. Whether your faith be placed in an individual beleif unique to you, or congruent with consensus reality, the challenge is to assert your absolute right to create your own reality, while not crossing the energetic boundary into the territory of a neighbor. thereby allowing your neighbor to also have the reality of their own choice. The game is rather complicated by lower-density co-dependence. This keeps calling us to interact across our boundaries, whereas full independence might just leave us in disconnected un-shared realities. This inevitabilty of encountering both dark and light in our dark and light universe, makes sense if we comprehend the intent to give us opportunities to explore both dark and light. But once we graduate school into ascended reality, we will find greater compatiblity with those who have made a similar foundational choice: to either do or not respect the free will of others. There is no peaceful reality for light beings whose shared light reality is intruded upon by dark beings of disrespect for our right to a peaceful reality. We contemplate that "ascended reality" is "above" all duality and dichotomy, including that of light versus dark, therefore, in our ascension process, it is essential to go neutral and detach from all light vs. dark contrast.'

While it is always possible to create a reality and invite others into it, or cocreate with agreeable entities, at most we can invite others to join us, but our goals cannot be defining reality for others. Thus our mission, purpose, or efforts likewise must respect the choices of others. It is for this reason that the roles of educator and healer are those most appropriate to light and love workers, roles where we can offer alternatives others may choose.

"Given that the universe responds 'yes' to everything, it is imperative to focus upon and vibrate the reality of a desired / preferred / chosen reality time-line, and to release all energies of old, obsolete, unwanted, time-lines."

It can at times be difficult to get beyond one's anger and fear to return to love for all that is as source expression, particularly when that piece of all that is is sabotaging your reality, but that is the lesson of the law of attraction, you get what you focus upon. You get what you put out. Therefore, be vibrationally internally the reality you desire to live externally, and 'act as if' it already was external.

"We shall now address agendae and goals. The first goal is free-will choice to be a divine creator. The unbounded version is ascended mastery, the Ter-Ra-an reality is a sandboxed soul school. The reasonable goal for a student in school is to learn the lessons they came to learn. Ascension via mastery is the relevant goal for us all. Since goals themselves are of duality, the goal of goallessness, the agenda of agendalessness, the practice of practice not being necessary because mastery has been already achieved are landmarks on the journey. Unless your lesson is the process of becoming, time-line hopping to a parallel reality of ascended mastery is a natural quantum leap to make."

'Amongst those ascending, there will be two primary paths each chooses between. One path is that of process, where the higher self's intent for incarnational lessons is to "walk a process" as a learning experience. The other path is the path of no path, the goal being a quantum leap to the target reality. This may carry a sub-lesson involving the process of time-line hopping / quantum leaping. Yet these paths share much in common, despite the great differences between processes to be studied or avoided. As advanced support for basic crystal faery ascension playshops we can guide playshops exploring process-as-lesson, and time-line hopping.'

"As usual we are guiding you through your own version of this, so that you can speak from experience with authenticity. Particularly the experience of crash-and-burn on a committed time-line hop, followed by regeneration, and new time-line creation, shall be valuable in your facilitation. Yes, the lesson du jour. It is nice you can appreciate this."

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