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25th February 2014

Today marks 5 months of blogging and more than a month our blog has been offline.
We went from the highest of visions for doing lightwork on Kaua'i, to a state of disability by virtue of no communication or transportation, and while I've been patient and am looking for the blessings in it all, it still feels that our entire mission has been at least delayed. i know that time-line hopping is a game of masters, and sincerely expect to succeed at hopping to a better reality.

'We have always "gone for the gold" in our endeavours, and we shall as always persist in perseverence until we succeed. Know that we completely shifted the planetary ascension game with the introduction of our 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals, and with the 8D Portal Network now in place we have defused the stargate wars. Our 2009 December Peace Treaty between Annunaki and Pleiadians and all Hybrids, also completely shifted the planetary ascension process, so in no way can we consider our incarnation a failure. We are not done playing this game.'

"Trust that we are 'on-line' with multidimensional multidensity cocreation even while you are off the internet, We don't bother you with more details than you ask for or need to know in order to limit overwhelm, despite your gung-ho 'I want it all now' approach to learning, and despite your 'I am ready to take on anything' approach to creating. As you have experienced already, our time-line hopping may involve several smaller jumps in lieu of certain larger jumps not so easily accomplished. The emptiness you feel and worry about is merely the lack of your activity in lower densities which has been replaced by higher density activities of cocreation, for which we can only tell the lower densities: 'be patient', and 'trust the higher perspective to deliver better results'."

So, do you have any guidance for me in the short term you're ready to share?

"Prioritize off-line networking with Kaua'ians, developing your new network of new friends and associates, appropriate to your mission and level of lightwork. You are not here to 'fit in' with anything that exists. You are here to catalyze change to a higher reality. As one on the leading edge of consciousness development, you must learn patience with the rest of the world, and grant grace to and for others who persist in choices of low consciousness, and release all expectations of a 'quick solution', as, while you may not need to learn from much more process, many you are here to serve still require learning via process. In that, even our own process here in this blog can be educational. This is actually a lesson of great utility, as many will struggle with their higher-lower self dichotomy, and mastering integration and balancing of them is essential. You have witnessed certain others attempt the 'ascension of consciousness' via denial of their own ego, with disruptive results when that suppressed individuality surfaces. Here we have our trialog with the different perspectives, priorities, and approaches to cocreating quantum leaps. Perhaps our situation is poignant for the intimacy of our family, as the tomril channelling of we crystal faeries is by 'one of us' rather than by some 'outside' channeller. "

'It was the expansion of my own identity to include my starseed roots and family which allowed me to feel integrous channelling our collective consciousness, as, for me, the higher-lower self connection is too private to allow intrusion by others.'

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