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24th February 2014

My passion and creativity and interest are with cocreating in positive synergy rather than reality repair. It is time to be activating more advanced people at higher levels in order to populate the first wave of ascension. i feel the energy of facilitating playshops for 'faery magick' and 'ascension activation', so how shall such be supported?

"We shall speak spontaneously for ourselves, but we are neither the presentation nor the presenter. The focus of attention is upon empowering the individual, not upon whom is the vehicle of spirits' activation and initiation. It is about ones higher self, ones eternal life, and soulful reality."

Does this correlate with previous guidance to focus upon those who can already sustain 4D vibration, and should that be updated to 5D? Presumably the focus upon ascension implies that all my work should be ascension focused even if those seeking my help think they want 'healing'?

"Yes, all things in that context. In this sense you must direct your own sessions by focus. This could also be described as an upgrade of model of health to the 'ascended model'. It can all be seen as time-line hopping, or quantum reality leaping. Either 'healing' or 'ascension' are just time-line hops, as are little manifestations."

"For the ascension activations support is required for people's detachment from non-ascended 4D realities, as well as the frequencies and codons of ascension being invoked as their new reality."

"For faery magick we would like to teach manifesting blessings, including the blessing of health from aligning with ones 8D ascended template of aetheric body, an update from a non-ascending health 'model'."

"As the pupae must await transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, so must you complete your rebirth process to launch your new quantum level of lightwork. You already see new skills manifesting spontaneously in the process. Trust the flow and the outcome."

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