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21st February 2014

i Am in the Void again.

'I Am in cognizance of my mission and purpose. i Am what i need to be to serve my mission of ascension activation.'

"The Void is a step in time-line hopping. The more you can be undefined, the more you can be done with old time-lines, the more you can be free to anchor into new time-lines. You are continuing to master time-line hopping organically. Be maleable in manifestation while solid in essence and principle, mission and purpose. You have already recognized your new mastery in parallel reality walking, a skill of pathfinding least-resistance time-line hops accessing preferred realities."

"We see that the 4D- political structure has just 'behind closed doors' decreed a covert agenda regarding 'GMO on Kauai', that being that 'opposition to it shall not be tolerated'. This is an intersection between the covert occulted world of actual 'power structure' versus the overt theatrical PUBLIC 'Your vote matters!' govern-mentals. Somebody at very high levels has purchased access to Kaua'i for their subsidiaries and subcontractors. None of the motivational factors are visible, only the effects, that certain 'votes' just seem to go 'in favor of' certain 'parties', or 'groups of parties', like industries.
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Our only recommendation is to rise above the level of the problem, to see at a higher level a reality time-line of no problems, to be free to commit to that time-line and the interacting optimizations."

"Because the Divine Plan pre-fall template for the Garden Island was re-activated for Kaua'i some time ago, we have stated that: 'GMO (and other corruption) just will not grow on Kauai.' because the life energy grid holds the conscious intelligence of the species via DNA and in the ascension process all is corrected towards divine templates, or becomes unsustainable."

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