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20th February 2014

Debita sequuntur personam debitoris. (Debts follow the person of the. debtor.) Story, Confl. of Laws, 362.

Debitum et contractus non sunt nullius loci. (Debt and contract are of no particular place.)

The debtor is slave to the creditor.
That which is bound on Gaia is bound in heaven.
That which is bound in heaven is bound on Gaia.

As transdimensional multidensity beings, it is our consciousness, contracts, and dharma which likewise, as aetheric energetic patterns, as abstract concepts of mind, as emotional energetic patterns, as physical embodiment, are our reality, one effect being the next cause, all being holographically fractally recursively linked, but what is more powerful than the ability to change our reality-creating beliefs?

'The choice to beleive in a loving and abundant reality.'

"In what we invest our focus of attention, intention, consciousness, non-neutrality, attachment or aversion, we empower to have more of in our lives.
Find those who are willing to synergize postitively."

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