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18th February 2014

i continue to experience a fragmentation of consciousness into parallel time-lines which feels much more like actually living each reality simultaneously rather than just sitting in one reality observing alternative realities as a viewer. i interpret this as a shift from clairvoyant viewing to ascension into multidimensionality as both the experienced perception and the cocreative synergy of reality sharing.

'At the same time the close presence of spiritual family synergizes appropriateness.'

"Death and Rebirth continue to refresh you in the quantum leaps of DNA Codon activations you are receiving via your 8D portal."

Given the level and depth of, and the frequency of, death - rebirth cycles even within a single day, the wisdom flowing through this process during a break in normal reality is very appropriate.

"It is good to continue releasing the remaining fragments of self identities as they arise."

"Flyers everywhere are feeling linked, sharing routes without getting kinked, the old magnetic patterns no longer apply, for finding the food supply."

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