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13th February 2014

As i awaken before another dawn, i am aware I'm just a pawn, in Goddess' great play, of her planetary day.

'Yet we are blessed to know our purpose. Knowing our place and role in the divine plan brings a clarity and a calm of certainty.'

"The alignment of group will with divine plan, optimizes our being and expression of our essences, our sharing of our love, and our facilitating others. Our unique perspective of crystaline realities from our ishnaan expression is our great gift to others now, as Gaia-an life now builds crystaline light-bodies of ascension."

We have been contemplating on-island group activities, 'ascension playshops', which feel like the next quantum level beyond our old group gatherings, and as such I'm feeling quite ready to facilitate, yet, without a suitable meeting space or transportation to such, i seem to be only able to await guidance or synchrony to provide these. Other than flowing in the moment with what the universe arranges to cross our path and present to me in the moment, and our daily blogging here, and remaining available to facilitate individuals, is there any focus i am missing?

'Relax and play, Fae.
When the world calls for patience, play, rather than strategizing how to move things forward before their time.'

Oh, release that old survival strategy.

"The integration of history from as far back as Pangea, through Lemuria and the Lemurian consciousness grid, now all aligned with the divine plan and the 8D ascension portal network and their connections with the Atlantean crystals, is proceeding to trigger quantum leaps in alignment with, and convergence upon, the foundational reality of New-Gaia. While the time-line(s) of Gaia rather differ from the Armageddon family of time-lines, the ongoing process of divergence between those groups of time-lines is settling-out as we attain relative stability in who is in which group of time-lines, and therefore, the collective of energy patterns we've all brought to our collective reality. That the New-Gaia time-lines are founded upon alignment with the divine plan, ahimsa, and aloha, and that those present in the time-lines are anchored into those qualities of reality, is converging our New-Gaia into a comfortable foundation, upon which we may then build our individual or group variations of choice within those parameters. We have stated for some time that 'corruption just won't grow' (including GMO) any more, here on Kaua'i (within the primary 8D ascension portal), and we are observing recent activities in even the dualistic densities, as the energies of New-Gaia on Kaua'i take over reality."

"Fair be thy dreaming."

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