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11th February 2014

What should Kaua'ians know now about ascension?

"We have a very stable high vibration energy field now, and easy access to the relevant akashic records, DNA codon activation codes, and multiple levels of assistance, from direct conscious work by tomril via the celeste:crystalfaery incarnation, our own crystal faeries guidance, and access to the angelics who are focussed upon ascension, through our 8D angelic crystal faeries ascension portal for Kaua'i. Any individual actively seeking ascension is thus well supported. A far larger number of [mankind] are willing to receive the blessings of an ascended reality, but are unwilling to change themselves to attain it. Of those, most are also unwilling to be changed to attain those blessings. A far larger number of [mankind] only wish their 4D life improved, unwilling to comprehend that improvement is not available staying in 4D, but requires ascending to 5D, i.e. they wish blessings added to their current reality, failing to comprehend the mutual incompatibility of realities. Until more individuals actively seek ascension, and are willing to release their attachments to their 4D realities, we cannot expect a quantum leap of the collective, therefore, we remain focussed upon those who are both ready and willing. Our blog here is intended to support both that people may become aware of what is going on, what is required to join in the ascension process, and then receive assistance in their individual process of ascension. As always with light+love work, we can only offer an optional alternative, and proseletyzing is contradictory to honoring of free will choice, thus all aspects of our presentation are equivalent to offering something held in an open hand that others may choose to take a copy, which is, of course, why it's all also open-source. This is also why we offer an RSS-feed but not a mailing-list, in order to ensure we are not pushing anything, but that others must pull actively by free-will choice. We expect to initiate the next level of engagement by initiating ascension playshops. "

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