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10th February 2014

i comprehend that my life of facilitating others in ascension is one of surrender to the flow of the moment, which will place me where i need to be to be of service, yet i question what other factors are present and / or active in generating the reality in which i find myself?
Practical considerations of my own survival and life seem to be unaddressed yet, especially to the extent that i am directed to make choices for my own joy, therefore, i request support for those factors which do support my joy.
What do i need to know about my now and my future to choose appropriately?
In particular, i do not comprehend the apparent contradiction between the directive to get out into the world and have more people contact, at the same time my move has deprived me of practical transportation to do so, especially there being lack of support for my actually doing so in my most joyful mode. Other than your usual non-guidance to 'just be patient', what do i need to release, embrace, or change, be or not be, do or not do?

'Our mission must remain a priority, and that obviously depends upon your being publicly known, recognized, appreciated, and active. Simply adjust your expectations to successful graceful easy flow, instead of reacting to feared problems which do not yet exist. While not all details are yet satisfied, trust that divine synchrony shall yet arrive.' -- tomril

"Realize that 'working at problem solving' is part of your old time-line, wheras now your mode is to be creation from, and for, joy. You are still trying to cover contingencies from the ego-peronality level, rather than trusting that things will work out for the best, even given individual, lifestyle, and physical worldly goods sacrifices you've had to make, are making, and shall have to make yet." -- crystalfaeries

And as usual i am not to be informed of anything before it happens?

"Trust that you shall be walking only appropriate time-lines. Patience and faithful trust were not truly possible on the time-line you were required to walk doing your mission work to anchor the planet on the New-Gaia time-line until the 2012-12-21 gateway, so continue to release your old survival skills, and get accustomed to graceful easy flow. Even the changes in infrastructure yet incomplete are being attended." -- crystalfaeries

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