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5th February 2014

Welcome to Kaua'i, the Garden Island of Lemuria, prototype land of ascension, the Ajna center of Clairvoyance, the primary 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal, New-Gaia's prototype for salvation for [mankind] of Ter-Ra. Pono (righteousness) is a key to ascension, and is based upon ahimsa, aloha, authenticity, congruence, honesty, integrity.
Ascension involves releasing the dualistic world, including any attachments with or allegiance to it.
That which is bound on Ter-Ra is bound in heaven.
Ascension involves embracing the 5D+ world.
In the 5D+ world i am a crystal faery, and we are here on mission to facilitate ascension.

'As the higher self of celeste:crystalfaery, I, tomril, agree with my family of crystal faeries, that the 3D world especially, and the 4D world since the 2012-12-21 merge of 3D- up into 4D, is not of the ascended "New-Gaia", and therefore shall all fall away as dross in the process of ascension, and therefore, is of no concern to me or to the crystal faeries, for our answer to all of that is: "Let it go, it does not serve you, it is not of higher truth." However, until we are fully in New-Gaia, we each have to find our own blance with ahimsa, aloha, authenticity, congruence, honesty, integrity, pono.'

Remembering Einstein's: "No problem can be solved at the same level at which it was created.", we see ascension to 5D as the higher level at which in New-Gaia the presently existing problems with 4D Ter-Ra are transcended. Therefore, our focus is upon ascension as top priority. Declaring peace and union with all in love and light is the path to that reality we all invoke with the words 'namaste' or 'aloha'. It is time for us all to have character, integrity, and authenticity, to walk our talk, a self-healing we must accomplish in order to ascend.

"We shall remain in the celestial realms holding fast our contribution to ascension, our 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portal, our gift to all of Kaua'i, to uplifit into higher vibrations, and to enlighten with angelic ascension codes, all who are open to receive the faery blessings we bring. One cannot enter the ascended New-Gaia while still carrying allegiance to lower realms, or to principles contrary to New-Gaia reality."

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