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4th February 2014

"We continue to oversee our network of 8D portals, keeping the energies balanced between them, and thereby balancing the planetary energy grids, as most of our portals are anchored into the energy grid of Ter-Ra, yet with our portal back to our origins of the tomril universe, we had to be the ones responsible for balancing those energies with the Ter-Ra energies. Those who have taken responsibility for their copies of our portals around the globe of Ter-Ra remain the ones responsible to balance the portal energies with the environment in which that portal is placed. As this network of portals is blessed greatly in 8D by the angelics who guide us in keeping it aligned with the divine plan, we are finding it to remain very clean and appropriate. We may also greatly credit for the purity of this manifestation that it is a construct within the family of time-lines of 'Gaia'. As the 'collective' of Gaia is splitting into the two major time-line families of 'Armageddon' fall versus the ascending 'New-Gaia', there is less and less of the negativity of the old dualistic conflicts, a greater alignment with the divine plan, and graceful easy flow of the energetics of uniting disparate enclaves of ascending energies into the 'New-Gaia' 8D Ascension network."

By higher inspiration i was guided to break my normal pattern of ignoring broadcast media and i found The Secret of the Wings, a Disney 'Tinkerbell' movie, and cried through most of the movie as i felt my longing to be out of Ter-Ra-an reality, and manifest with my Faery kin. Perhaps differing from most who view this movie, i was aware that the secret of the wings is actually a real phenomenon, even amongst [mankind] forms, where the aetheric pattern of DNA can heal or 'upgrade' broken or damaged DNA, and that effectively that is what the angelic ascension codes do with our 'fallen' DNA codons, restoring the pattern to ascended state. This is a perfect metaphor for the ascension code activations i have been initiated to manifest for those i shall facilitate.

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