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1st February 2014

Recent triggering has raised the awareness of family relationships, tribal codependence, judgments and expectations, allegiances. Certainly my own experiences of integrating consciousness between lower and higher selves, and with spiritual family, has involved work with family energy patterns, but for me this has been primarily with spiritual family, whereas my birth family scattered to the winds at the time of my graduating from college and entering adulthood. As for tribal relatings, that has all recently been stirred by my relocation of body's abode, and that into a situation which is not itself settled. For me family in the world is about new beginnings with those who are presently appropriate, and to be experienced with positive synergy of cocreation. I'm aware that blood family shares patterns via DNA and is often comprised of a family of spirits who may also carry the patterns of their family. While i am not experiencing the 20 year long dependence of physical children, i certainly have in my longer than a quarter century of facilitation spent a lot of time reparenting the inner child of many adults. I'm also aware that 'church' and 'state', 'the cross' and 'the crown' take advantage of the people by acting as surrogate parents, and that most of the dysfunction in the world is based on [mankind] in adult bodies remaining psychologically children of church and state. This seems fertile ground for many lessons, and perhaps comment from our unique family.

Intragenerational dependencies are of the essence of [mankind] families. As the new child enters the world dependent upon its parents, often the parents exit the world dependent upon their children. In the 'modern world' comprised primarily of 'wards of the state' this is corporatised as social (in)security, as the risks and dependencies are spread out through society. In spiritual realms family patterns, and mission, create entangled realities of shared time-lines. In my own case recent work on family issues has resulted in a quantum leap for our whole family. What is 'our' perspective on all of this?

'In my perception of our recent growth together, i would say that of key import is the matter of roles, that ones perception may become limited to an expectation of the continuance of old roles, whereas appropriateness in a changing reality, requires of each of us to release old patterns, and gracefully embrace new realities, new ways of relating, and ultimately the undoing of all roles, to just be pre-un-defined, flowing in the moment. All situations benefit from multiple perspectives, therefore one of the benefits of family support is derived from those family members least entangled to share their perspective of a situation which another family member is so deeply entangled in, that they may have lost their neutral detached perspective. i can also see that various situations may vary in level of sharing, that a family might be very much all entangled together in a single time-line, or that they might be very independent and each exploring an independent time-line, yet the family still sharing love and akashics for mutual benefit. In our case, we have been until very recently, entangled in limited time-lines around a goal of family reunion, but now that we have integrated our successful reunion, we may have greater freedoms of choice in time-lines, and greater ability to release old roles, as we now explore the set of time-lines which are based on our new reality of reunited family, for us a new set of realities or time-line family, based upon our network of 8D portals as a conduit of relating. We remain entangled in our shared mission of facilitating ascension on Ter-Ra.'

"We are grateful for our sharing, and appreciative of our common definition and experience. We are all feeling the relaxation of shared foundation combined with new opportunities of exploration beyond old roles, beyond old reality limitations. In all of this we are sharing a perspective that as with many definitions of self or choice what once was an optimization in some circumstances becomes obsolete and inappropriate with change. With our recent akashics exchange between our old tomril universe and our manifestation in the Milky Way Galaxy, we have all found new expansive options and possibilities, which are challenging us to release all old perspectives of limitation, to again push the boundaries of the possible, the desirable, the shareable, the 'self'. While much of the definition of family is based in shared past, it is now our shared mission of ascension facilitation, how we as a family are seeing ascension as foundational in our new shared reality, which is now the basis of our choosing shared potential time-lines, our choices of time-lines within the family of time-lines based on family. This is a wonderful opportunity for us all, as we participate in the whologram of New-Gaia."

"Perhaps the greatest expansion we are participating within, is the expansion of 'family' to include all the beings who are participating in the cocreation of and shared experience of New-Gaia. It has been stated by others that this is the first time anywhere in all of creation that a planetary ascension of an entire race has manifested. While we ascenders are all releasing the alternate time-line realities which do not result in our being part of an ascended New-Gaia, for some this means releasing what were once considered to be family members, those who are choosing an alternate path, reality, time-line, that means they will not be with us in the ascended New-Gaia. This is perhaps for many the most challenging version of 'family' level change. This brings to the forefront the awareness that more than anything else, it is our individual choice of consciousness which determines our realities, and that true family is that of shared consciousness. This is foundational in the cocreation of New-Gaia, that we are one family of conscious ascended beings sharing an ascended planet. This shared beleif in the oneness of our species on our planet, is the gateway reality to joining our galactic level reality, transcending our previous sandboxed limited reality of planetary consciousness, now updated to comprehend our planetary oneness, and participation within the larger whologram of galactic level reality. In our case as crystal faeries, we are aware of our origins outside the Milky Way Galaxy, and our integration of family across even galactic boundaries. This brings to awareness the next quantum level of family integration, that of intergalactic relationships. This is an opportunity for great expansion of consciousness, to be aware of shared family reality transcending very different manifestations in different galaxies. Truly this is a wonderful opportunity for expansion beyond all limits. "

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