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31st January 2014

In many ways i am 'in the void' between death and rebirth. By now my website has been offline long enough that others linking to it have removed their links. While i continue to write this blog of my daily channelling, i am aware that my own rebirth preceeds a new life focus.

"We have a sense of completion with past, with unfinished 'business', with ignorance and innocence, with attachment. Integration of our disparate parts via our portal network, our family reunion across the rift between tomril universe and the Milky Way Galaxy, has yielded a sense of joy and wholeness. Working with the angelics upon ascension via their akashics and codons shared via our 8D portal network is not only greatly facilitating planetary ascension, but has brought us intimately into knowing the divine plan, and integrating it with all our reality. This sense of all being balanced and appropriate, integrated across space-time and time-space, allows us a greater focus upon assisting ascenders."

'Gaia time-lines are stabilising both because we are moving out of a chaotic node intersecting with the Armageddon time-lines, and because the Atlantean crystal grid is stabilising the New-Gaia energy grid now that we and our friends have been able to bring it into alignment with the Lemurian consciousness grid and with the original divine plan for Gaia. With everything coming into alignment, with greater stability, there is a deep sense of peace, as the appropriateness settles into consciousness. Even the process of pole reversal of Ra is less stressful.'

"For our Kaua'i 8D portal, our incarnate crystal faery tomril, and even our celeste:crystalfaery embodyment of tomril, our energies are all feeling neutral, present time, peaceful, even though there is still unresolved chaos to sort, and uncertain future, there is calm acceptance of what is. With the prioritization of family of crystal faeries over tomril, over celeste, the completion of the reunion of family from outside this galaxy and the full integration of both realms, is the resolution of what was a background of unsettled energies. With the consciousness of our higher density aspects now also integrated in celeste's perception, the questioning and doubting of what was not comprehended has completed, resulting in a sense of place and purpose, peace and appropriateness."

'It is very comfortable to feel completion of past. That brings the knowing that what is now attracted as mirror of energies, will be all present time appropriateness, rather than manifestation of incomplete history. This is that wonderful space of freedom to choose, yet, within a perspective of fitting into the divine plan in appropriateness. With expressions now fully based in essence and divinely aligned purpose, there is a sense of comfort and ease, even though most details remain unknown. It feels that we are ready to step into a new beginning now. This, then, is a time of paying attention to what arrives into our reality, and noticing what it mirrors of our essence.'

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