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30th January 2014

"Today we address 'Peace' as an activity. Simplistically, many conceive 'Peace' to be a passive state, one of the absence of conflict of will, one of the absence of active force. Another perspective of peace is that it is an active flow of energy in positive synergy, producing graceful easy appropriate flow, supportive of essence rather than negating essence, or being a 'dead' zone of inactivity. We see then peace as honoring essence gracefully. Love adds the positive synergy of intent to positively affect."

'Appreciation of appropriateness may be so simple, subtle, and gentle, as, for example, gently thanking the birds for coming to visit, for sharing their beautiful soul nurturing songs, is a peaceful activity.'

i have encountered [mankind] who have clearly stated that they found 'peace' to be 'boring', who preferred (role-playing) warfare to experiencing peace. When actual intimacy threatens to happen, those afraid thereof will generally sabotage the communion with distraction activity, or will resort to 'negative "strokes"' versus 'positive "strokes"', under the dysfunctional guise that negative attention is better than being ignored.

Most [mankind] are terrified of actual intimacy, for they are engaging with life only via a facade, a false face, which they are terrified to remove, as, for example, removing ones mask at a masked ball. Most [mankind] are terrified to have their real self seen, afraid that only their facade is 'lovable', that their essence is not 'lovable'. Aside from the facade of individuality with which most cover their spirit and soul essence, there is another facade in between those, which we have less freedom with, that of our bodies. Whatever purpose or goal was behind our original or current choices about the body we chose to birth into and are still stuck in, our essence has evolved, and our individuality has evolved, and even if we've cleared away all false facade, we are still left with, a facade. The facade we are attempting to express may be a perfect mirror of our authentic essence, as we express our truth through the intervening false facade known as a body, which many others see as primary over any individuality facade we may express, be it either a false ego self or a carefully healed mirror of our authentic essence. For those of us with a clear intent to authenticity, the inauthenticity of the facade of the present body, rather than one which expresses ones authentic truth, is an impediment in self expression. In these times of very high growth rate, a larger percentage of the population will have outgrown their bodies, those they chose for specific purposes long ago completed.

Peaceful living requires peace with one's facades, overcoming the fear of ones essence not being lovable, to take down the individuality facade constructed to appease others, and accepting the limitations of unconscious [mankind] who insist upon seeing the physical as 'real', and who insist upon being blind to the essence indwelling the body facade. In a sense one of the nicest gifts we can give others is an innocent receptivity to their facade, while still prioritizing love of their core essence.

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