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29th January 2014

You have stated that at least one of us must ascend. i presume that the results will be akashic records we then share? Including sharing with our family in the original tomril universe? And that there is expected to be something unique in that which is not presently available in the general akashic records of the Milky Way Galaxy?

"Yes it is about integrating the Ter-Ra-an version of ascension with our unique energetic patterns as a template with which our kind may meld. The ascension codes our portals share are those from the angelics working with Ter-Ra, and are not peculiar to we crystal faeries, therefore, to customize them for us your embodied ascension will accomplish integration."

What may i do to expedite my ascension? Is it significantly different from a time-line hop?

"It is similar in that you quantum-leap by living in the energetics as much as possible. Because it is a change in your physical matter being created, it takes time as do all body changes."

i would like clarification about my role and path as now perceived.

"You have completed your 'hermit on the mountain-top' retreat during which you prepared for the transition you've just made, by cocreating the 8D Angelic crystal faeries Ascension Portals, and initiating the inter-galactic network of 8D Portals, the major crystal faeries contribution from the celestial realms to Ter-Ra-an ascension energetics, and have received and integrated our initiations into channelling our collective consciousness and delivering ascension codon activations and individual 8D portals for those you facilitation, and now it is time to proceed with your own ascension individually and with your new facilitation of ascension activations. We perceive this new facilitation to involve teaching and guiding others to work with 8D portals, and with DNA codon activation akashics."

'You are concerned with worldly matters, for which only may we say to make the best of each day, and trust that all changes are necessary and appropriate, rather than attempting to interpret it all from your mental level. Trust your instincts, and that our guidance will fill in the gaps. Most of all, you need to integrate from the mental level on down through emotional and physical bodies that you are now on the family of time-lines for New-Gaia, that you no longer have to contend with the issues you once did, when the parimary focus of your mission was the time-line wars, and navigating the planetary reality to the New-Gaia time-lines. Your fierce independence and preparing for all possible emergencies was indeed the appropriate survival strategy once upon a time in a parallel reality you no longer occupy. You may relax and enjoy now. The habit of wary deep analysis is also no longer necessary while living inside an 8D ascension portal.'

"Trust that you will be provided for with love."

Are there any further energies to complete from any prior reality, or even within the present time-line? Or are we now mostly just walking the path of dharma / mission / facilitation?

"All relatings are now in present-time where time exists, are neutral in time-space, and consciously known in clarity, there are no unpleasant surprises lurking, therefore you may fully focus upon your present time-line, mission, facilitation, and cocreating future positive time-lines. Lighten-up, Fae!"

celeste spritzes with some Fae Play essence.

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