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27th January 2014

"Our experiences with our friend to expand our 8D portals function to protect the Atlantean crystal installations, and to expand the 8D network of portals to link transdimensionally with the tomril universe, has resulted in a more solid anchoring into the divine plan of source in 7D and 8D, and greater clarity to provide easier transdimensional access in higher realms via the 8D angelic ascension codes created by our 9D angelic friends for DNA codon activation, conveyed from them in the akashics records templates patterns available via the portals. It may be said that this update provides a greater frequential separation so that those of higher frequency have a more empowered experience via the portals, while those of lower frequency have a less empowered experience misusing portals. This update secures in positive function each portal and our network of portals. Aside from the higher reach of the ascension codes now available for DNA codon activation to all who either utilize an individual portal for their own ascension, receive an codon activation, or access the extra akashics records information provided via an 'area portal' such as that blessing Kaua'i, there are effects of this change which may also be noticed by those not engaged in ascension of their bodies. Because those in alignment with the divine plan will be triggered to 'snap into' more full alignment therewith, those holding a pattern of non alignment may feel more strongly their misalgnment with the energy grid, i.e. a stronger sense of being 'out of place', while those in alignment with the divine plan will feel a much stronger sense of unity, as the being 'in tune' will be more accurate and more powerful for those choosing it. "

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