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24th January 2014

"Today we shall address expanding scopes. Firstly, you celeste are calming down and beginning to settle in to your new environment, and with greater stability your perspective is shifting from pessimistic to optimistic again. Though you have yet many worldly matters to sort, organize, and come to peace with, your energy patterns are again becoming aligned and empowered, attuned with tomril again.
tomril has been rather busy working with your new housemate to stabilize your shared space and energies, and her energetic entanglements outside your shared space. This is non trivial given her non-neutral political stance of warring with other entities and groups within her pre-existing time-line, rather than releasing that time-line and hopping to an alternate preferred time-line. Given that it is at all levels 'our' stance of a-political neutral non-conflict by preference, stabilizing your shared energy space presents many opportunities for growth. Yet, your being a dedicated 'truth speaker' and her being a 'whistle blower' are not so mis-aligned. Her stance of fighting the system within the system is however quite the opposite of our approach, to disassociate from the system as being irreparably corrupt and focus upon building a positive alternative. This situation therefore presents on a small local scale most of the energetic and consciousness issues which all of Gaia is facing as ascension challenges everyone to quantum leap to higher consciousness, newer choices, new relating. What yet remains a fundamental difference is our approach to stay as much as possible neutral about and uninvolved with all of dualistic politico-governmental, governmental-corporate, and limited-liability-corporate constructs, while her entanglements are all of conflict in those realms. Thus for both tomril and celeste this is a more intimate energy boundary issue than you have been accustomed to. It is nevertheless also still representative of planetary issues, while we offer enlightenment and spiritual principles to all people. What is shared between you, and mirrored by more and more people of Ter-Ra, is the sense of speaking-up against that which is not pono (righteous), that it is time for ahimsa (harmlessness). The difference is largely whether to fight the wrongdoers, or, as in many martial arts, just step aside and allow them to fall of their own motion, for we find it of higher truth to simply put energy into creating an alternative positive reality, knowing that what you resist persists because all resistance and fighting only empowers the unwanted reality."

"As we expand scope to address our precious Garden Isle, Kaua'i, we may note that we remained relatively un-harmed by the recent storms which battered neighbor islands. While the upliftment of consciousness here continues, we must be patient with many souls to work through their individual issues. As we combine all that we've yet said in today's channelling, we can see opportunities to teach and guide others of Kaua'i to make more choices of positive reality creation and time-line hopping, and fewer of conflict with other beings over the obsolete time-line reality. Many still perceive the optimum path to be to perfect the old time-line, which itself is founded upon dysfunctional principles, rather than to allow it to disintegrate, particularly scary for those whose 'security' is perceived to be still based in that reality time-line. Thus it becomes imperative to design, construct, and present positive alternative time-line realities, to those who may be willing to change their choices amongst alternatives, but are unwilling or unready to step-up as reality creators. Let this be 'food for thought' in contemplating creation of playshops."

"Next we address Ter-Ra scale energies. Our network of 8D Portals is stable, and via their connections we are greatly harmonizing the Lemurian consciousness grid we reinvoked for Kaua'i, with the ancient Atlantean grid of crystal technologies, thereby we and our friends working with us on this, are repairing and healing on a planetary scale, the present time energy grid of Gaia, by healing many of the aftereffects of the ancient history. Again, we state that many of the blessings of this project, come from, work towards, and are permitted by, the fact that this energy construct was cocreated with the many angelics we are working with to restore the divine plan of source. Because source's divine plan is intrinsically 'for the good of all', there is irrefutable permission and empowerment to enact it, to act in alignment with it, to manifest it, and thus, for those bold enough to step up and be the vehicles of its manifestation, there is more or less 'carte blanche' as well as divine support. Yet, as we have seen and experienced, despite being fully pono, that does not mean there will be no 'blowback' from those opposed to the ascension and empowerment of all the souls of Ter-Ra, those who still cling to the old paradigm of win-lose, unwilling to embrace the divine plan of win-win.
In particular of late are healing and integrating activities addressing the comingling of energies throughout history between Mars and Gaia, bringing the relating into present time, balancing the energetics between the present time overt and covert relationship, and letting all of that simmer on the back burner, as much of the Ter-Ra-an collective is not ready to be fully conscious of these matters. To a lesser extent, similar activities address the rest of our solar system full of planets. Part of the ascension process will result in the consciousness that while there may not be physical 4D- life on our neighbor planets, there are nevertheless thriving cultures in higher densities. We are all expanding consciousness to larger definitions of 'self', 'family', and 'reality'."

[rings of alcyone]

"On the galactic scale, we see conferences in the higher realms, both within our Milky Way Galaxy, and involving ambassadorship between Galaxies, as the implications become evident, of our extending our 8D portal network outside the Milky Way Galaxy to the tomril universe. What now may be viewed as previous petty squabbling over control of the ancient stargates, is being replaced by the awareness that we're all going to have to operate with greater openness, and a larger perspective, than the previous isolationism and contrast to control connections. Because our portals are linked through 8D angelic realms, the connections they establish are all in alignment with the divine plan of source. It doesn't much matter what one's agenda was in controlling 5D stargates, when there are beings of higher consciousness bypassing them via 8D portals. We see the Alcyone leadership in conference with those of other Galaxies, as new levels of interconnectedness and relationship develop from these new connections. There is a recognition that the new levels of freedom of flow of information and entities is something to be embraced and accepted for its positive benefits, since this is an outgrowth of source's divine plan, and our having 'open-sourced' in the akashics the portal design, results in the continuing spread of the 8D portal network."

What is the precise english wording for the exact opposite of "overjoyed"?
That is what i now am experiencing.
Only a brief time after soaring to the heights of celestial lightwork, i chose to get on my electric bicycle and go to town in order to both socialize a bit and purchase some groceries. What i have discovered instead, is that the hub motor on my bike has failed in such a manner, that it presented a short to each of my batteries in turn, as i tried first one then the other to operate my bike, thereby blowing internal fuses within the battery modules. It has failed in the mode of shorted generator, the 'lock' mode which prevents bicycle theft, because the hub motor is now a shorted generator, rendering the bike also completely unridable, since it not only will not assist my peddlaing efforts, it will resist to the maximum extent possible all motion.

When massive change is spelling death and rebirth cycle, there is little to do but accept, allow, get neutral, forgive, release, grieve, refind center, flow with the energies, flit like a fae above all the worldly and emotional chaos, pay no nevermind to ones mind, and allow one's authentic self to blossom out of the chaos of old time-lines.

"This is more of that reality where crisis equals opportunity. What comes from complacency is but little distinguished from rot. Remember that the process ends with a new birth, of a new time-line reality more appropriate to your authentic prayers from your own essence. Allow the reality to be what it is so that you can relax into being who you are. Trust in the flow, while allowing the chaos of manifestations."

Yet i wish to be thorough to learn all i can from this experience.

"Relax and enjoy what you can. Let that grow. Surrender to allow both the outflow and the inflow, the destruction, creation, and the preservation, of the endless cycling of the breath of the divine."

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