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19th January 2014

As my old reality time-line disintegrates, and i enter a temporary survival reality, on the way to a future time-line manifestation, i recall the guidance to release and bury old things which no longer serve. That of course rather requires having some clue what reality is to be served? Ascension is the focal point, so obviously the first step is to be merely in the world not of the world. This is both about worldly goods, and about attitude of relating. As a friend reminded me, only the physical [mankind] forms of density require all the accoutrements like a physical house. So doesn't it seem funny to need a [mankind] form to ascend?

'Being in the world to play with DNA for ascension, but not of the worlds preoccupation with physicality, brings focus to codon activation for ascension, regardless the survival details of the body otherwise.'

"We are sorry for the cost to you individually, of both our mission work and the work to reunite our tomril ishnaan crystal faeries family. Thank you, we love you, and we'll all keep moving on. "

Details of 'living' greatly affect the level of joy in the emotional body, which also greatly affencts DNA. i still have a completely unsuitable reality. Some would say look for the hidden blessings in what appears for all intents and purposes to be a situation of suffering in total inappropriateness. What am i missing?
I'm well aware that i was twice on a time-line to appropriateness, expansion, and greater ability to be of service to the ascension of myself and others, and that in each case i was sabotaged by forces which wish to block ascension and keep [mankind] enslaved in unconsciousnes. I'm well aware that my present circumstances are a survival recovery scenario from that sabotage. What are we going to do different now?

'The hidden blessing is the people connections which will come from these circumstances. Focus upon ascension and release the rest, particularly that which is of the world. While we have reunited our spiritual family known in this galaxy as the crystal faeries between the original tomril universe and here, that has only strengthened family dharma.'

"While our circumstances may be rather unique, they are nevertheless representative in that spiritual family shared realities are quite common place. Thus it is that many entities participating in the ascension on Ter-Ra will likewise be awakening to their spiritual families and entanglements. Our family of crystal faeries has relatively few karmic issues with other families, and are mostly dealing with the blowback for contributing our 8D ascension portals to the ascension game, i.e. current negotiations over present Ter-Ra-an reality. Other groups have long-standing conflicts with each other to resolve, and much of current Ter-Ra-an reality is reflecting those conflicts. Given that Gaia herself has chosen to ascend Ter-Ra now, those of us in alignment with that, those of us supporting planetary ascension, are relatively well supported and experiencing minimal conflict, as we flow into the emerging New Gaia time-lines. Those still in conflict with each other are obviously by being in any conflict out of harmony with New Gaia time-lines. Again we must say that our primary flow is about being in service towards ascension, and that mission requires of us to be particpating in the time-lines where our service is needed, and that is the primary factor why we don't just relocate our family to a post-ascension reality time-line family. "

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