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18th January 2014

"There is a gentleness of spirit in our tomril even as there is chaos and great adversity afoot. There are also tears now surfacing as we trigger them. Caught in the middle in so many ways, with no clear path, and little support while enduring major challenges. We love you tomril, and hug your soul with ours. The experience is one of getting really real with reality. Knowing what you're dealing with is important for making choices. Observing others in action is much different than hearing their words. As you are making a quantum leap between alternate time-lines, choosing your target time-line is worth careful comprehension, what of the old must be properly burried as obsolete and inappropriate, The chaotic node of intersecting time-lines we've been passing through, has left little unperturbed as everyone has been 'getting real' with all. Full Moons are always transdimensional experiences, this one included."

"We have been reperceiving our abilities and roles, as our reality has shifted greatly in our reunited family, and are processing all the growth triggered by integrating those realities."

i am reminded that the Chinese character for opportunity also means crisis.

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